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Each application is treated specifically. Upon receipt of your specifications, an estimate will be quickly emailed for my services as a graphic designer.

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Visual identity and logo.

Selection of logos.

By Bibiche: Italian restaurant brand Heverney: Brand card games poker chips and case. Roshan: Clothing brand Impala: Management software for the Department of the Brussels capital region. Pipolass logo.: Musical crew Hip hop. Transkome: Transport company Web radio Mobile: Web radio Mobile brand Peleros aviation international: Marketing, PR and Communications agency uniquely specialised in aeronautics

Graphic designer services

The logo is the main element of identity. I wear a lot of attention as a graphic designer to create logos effective both graphically and conceptually.

My rates graphic designer for the production of a logo are evolving according to two main criteria:

• First time that I’ll pass on the creation itself. As I explained the logo is very important and deserves your time. It is therefore necessary to define the specifications set the number of separate proposals (3 usually) I have done.

• Second, the visibility is important that I’m selling my creative work, but also the transfer of rights on this one. It is therefore evident that a logo will be reproduced in several different countries, will not have the same cost as a single trader.

For projects to print, I can limit myself to my role as a graphic designer and just realize the creative phase of the project and deliver a print-ready file. You will then get yourself in contact with a printer.
The alternative is to let me manage the contact with a printer in Brussel, allowing me to follow the project throughout the chain of creation, however, a supplement will be invoiced.