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Each application is treated specifically. Upon receipt of your specifications, an estimate will be quickly emailed for my services as a graphic designer.

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I am Graphic designer in Brussels. Welcome to my book:

Creation of visual identity, logo, poster

Graphic designer freelance in Brussel since 2006, my experience in the field of imaging is available to help you create and format your ideas.


• My job is primarily to feel the suction of my clients, in order to be able to adapt my style graphics and create visuals that will write the desired atmosphere.

• The technical expertise of a graphic designer then intervenes to ensure a degree of visual harmony and advise you in your choices if necessary.
Although often working through the Internet, it can be necessary for sizeable projects to meet beforehand at a meeting. I can travel to Brussels and Paris.

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Website design.

Webdesigner: i make dynamic websites using the CMS SPIP. Starting with the creation of the graphic, to the online project.


• My skills of graphic combined with those of webdesigner allow me to create graphics suitable for web sites, including an effectively ergonomics and hierarchy of information .

• SPIP, CMS (Content Managing System) that I use to design websites, is a French project in existence since 2001, which provides flexibility for web-design and has a vibrant and responsive. This gives your site many advantages in terms of safety and future developments.

• Holding me informed with interest the recent developments in the web, I create websites in HTML5 / CSS3 that meet the latest W3C recommendations for accessibility.

• The use of JavaScript allows me to add animations to your website, which does not pose problems in the ranking.

• Finally I can advise you and help you with SEO "white hat".

• Designing a website requires a prior meeting. I can travel to Brussels or Paris, or it can be done via Skype to simple projects.

• In conclusion I am primarily a web designer graphic designer, creating a complex web project requires the skills of two distinct businesses, a designer and developer PHP / MySQL. So I work in these cases together.

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Realization of illustrations and coloring.

Designer illustrator, I create by hand or computer: illustrations destined for professional project; As of the color comics.


• illustration is a complementary tool to the graphics, it allows me to add a living for my projects. Whether it’s to illustrate a brochure, a flyer, an invitation or design a website.

See my illustratior achievements.

• Color is another way to implement my knowledge in painting, in an area that I deal since my studies in Brussels: the comic strip. A colorist quality is essential to develop an inking. It is the color that’ll give much volume to the forms and that’ll help reading the information in a comic strip.

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